Ray is the representative and descendant of the god Frey, and destined to fight in Ragnarök alongside the other descendants. Because of this he possesses the ability to use magic, an ability that gets stronger when he's in contact with his twin.

Biography Edit

Ray and Reyna grew up as a children of a casino owner. For some reason, they've always wanted to embarrass their father, and that's when they started going trough phases. The phases we know of are the cowboy one and now their goth. They were found by the descendants at a cemetery and they later rescued them when they were kidnapped by trolls. The twins later split off from the others and got rescued by Owen when they got attacked by water monsters. They joined back up with the others and they continued on their adventure.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Ray is reserved, quiet and prefers to talk to Reyna. He'll do anything, as long as his sister is doing it. He still prefers to stay out of the action when he can.

Physical Attributes Edit

He has shoulder length blond hair. He is also pretty tall.

Family Edit

Their dad is the owner of a casino. They grew up with a lot of money and a dad unaware of his heritage.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic- Ray has the power to do magic, and preform different feats with it, this power is way stronger when he's with his sister.

Fog Manipulation- Ray can summon a thick fog that's hard to see in

Light Manipulation- Ray can use light to do different things, such as disintegrating, blinding, and etc.

Intelligence- Ray is very smart and can use these skills to come up with solutions to problems o find useful information

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