Loki's Wolves is the first book of the The Blackwell Pages, written by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr.

haha you got prankedEdit

"The runes have spoken. We have our champion... Matthew Thorsen."d.[1]


M.A. Marr: To Dylan—
This one is for you and because of you (also, yes, there will be goats).

K.L. Armstrong: To Alex and Marcus—
Whatever parental horrors I may inflict on you guys as you move into teenhood,
I will never make you fight a giant serpent. I promise.


Chapter 1: ConfrontationEdit

Chapter 2: ChangesEdit

Chapter 3: DuesEdit

Chapter 4: PremonitionEdit

Chapter 5: ChosenEdit

Chapter 6: OwenEdit

Chapter 7: Past, Present, and FutureEdit

Chapter 8: AllianceEdit

Chapter 9: Tornado TossedEdit

Chapter 10: Night FrightEdit

Chapter 11: Reading Mount RushmoreEdit

Chapter 12: Troll CondoEdit

Chapter 13: Sleight of HandEdit

Chapter 14: All-Points BulletinEdit

Chapter 15: DeadwoodEdit

Chapter 16: Unmarked GravesEdit

Chapter 17: A Door OpensEdit

Chapter 18: Walking NightmareEdit

Chapter 19: Trouble in Pink BootsEdit

Chapter 20: Witching and WhiningEdit

Chapter 21: Raiding the RaidersEdit

Chapter 22: BattlegroundEdit

Chapter 23: Things Fall ApartEdit

Chapter 24: Grief-StrickenEdit

Chapter 25: Let's Go to HelEdit


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